Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Update on Veronica #11

Just a quick update on my mom - I haven't posted in a while since days are so busy since she's home, but i have a minute now!
She's still in pain .... it'll be there for a while but please continue to pray that it would be tolerable and not get worse.
She's going through aggressive physical therapy every day (with Kim and Pam- - they're are wonderful please pray for our time with them), it's really emotional for her. Just this week was the first time that her left foot touched the floor since July 9th! It was A HUGE DAY! They are trying to stretch the Achilles tendon  so that her foot can some day be flat to the floor. They are going to give time for the "flap" to heal and then go back in and cut the tendon a little bit "release tension" to the achilles tendon. Ouch! huh?! so that means another surgery.
The emotion aspect has kicked in so please pray she keeps trusting the Lord with everything and clings to his promises!
Please keep praying for her recovery, she's still very week and everything is still very delicate!

She thanks everyone, friends and family for all the support and encouragement and prayers! Can't wait to get back on her TWO feet! get it?!