Tuesday, November 17, 2009



My Little Harry Potter and Lady Bug

So Halloween really isn't a big deal for us, but around halloween this year Noah and I really got into Harry Potter! My dear friend Courtney came over early on Beggers night and we got in the car while noah was taking a nap with my mom and went to Nobbies! There we found glasses and a wand! HARRY POTTER here he comes! He had the rest of the outfit in his closet; white shirt, tie, sweater... etc. It was perfect.
Following finding the perfect costume we went trick or treating to all the grandparents houses with Aunt abby and little Adelyn! Then our bible study had a lil chilli cook off party we attended!

Veronica Update # 13

Hey everyone!
Just letting you know how my mom is doing!
Veronica was able to make it to Celebration Sunday this last week!
She has been walking with her Walker
Putting some weight on THE foot
Smiling again
Going on Car rides on Saturdays with my dad
More mobile
Skin Graphs are healing
Contusion are healing
The wound on her thigh is healed

My mom decided not to go through w/ the tendon release surgery. It was to to to to risky! One wrong move and she could have lost her foot. And actually surgery or no surgery the outcome would almost be the same. Either way she'll have a limp, be in pain, use a walker, and have to wear a leg and foot brace. After some prayer we decided that we wouldn't go through with it.

Please keep uniting with us in prayer:
Pain will subside
Be able to walk
Walk down the stairs w/ help
All be relying on the Lord
See my Brother and his family soon
She would keep healing
Infection would go away
Be able to afford all her medications
Her elbow would heal

Now she's just going to her weekly check ups (pray she doesn't get hurt when leaving the house!) and continuing with Physical Therapy! So instead of surgery she's going to participate with aggressive physical therapy every day- -  please pray that it works! And she starts walking and using her leg and foot soon!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Veronica Update # 12?

 I can't believe it's been about a month since I've updated on life! A lot has been going on and the Lord is doing great things, of course. What else would I expect from Him?!

She's been doing well. Please keep praying for her!
She's in a ton of pain, STILL!!
She's still undergoing aggressive physical therapy everyday with Pam and Kim. Actually, this week they changed it to only 3 times a week because they actually think it could be doing some damage.
     Scrape bone to rid infection
     Cut the tendon they put her in her foot to stretch it out  so she won't have drop foot and could someday walk! pray pray pray
She's really trying to cling to the Lord and be okay with what he's doing through all of this!
Please feel free to call us at home 515-223-8003 or my cell 515-419-2580!

Please pray that my mom would be able to go to the Women's Coffee house on Friday at Walnut Creek Church. She wants to go so badly to see and thank everyone!