Tuesday, November 17, 2009



My Little Harry Potter and Lady Bug

So Halloween really isn't a big deal for us, but around halloween this year Noah and I really got into Harry Potter! My dear friend Courtney came over early on Beggers night and we got in the car while noah was taking a nap with my mom and went to Nobbies! There we found glasses and a wand! HARRY POTTER here he comes! He had the rest of the outfit in his closet; white shirt, tie, sweater... etc. It was perfect.
Following finding the perfect costume we went trick or treating to all the grandparents houses with Aunt abby and little Adelyn! Then our bible study had a lil chilli cook off party we attended!

Veronica Update # 13

Hey everyone!
Just letting you know how my mom is doing!
Veronica was able to make it to Celebration Sunday this last week!
She has been walking with her Walker
Putting some weight on THE foot
Smiling again
Going on Car rides on Saturdays with my dad
More mobile
Skin Graphs are healing
Contusion are healing
The wound on her thigh is healed

My mom decided not to go through w/ the tendon release surgery. It was to to to to risky! One wrong move and she could have lost her foot. And actually surgery or no surgery the outcome would almost be the same. Either way she'll have a limp, be in pain, use a walker, and have to wear a leg and foot brace. After some prayer we decided that we wouldn't go through with it.

Please keep uniting with us in prayer:
Pain will subside
Be able to walk
Walk down the stairs w/ help
All be relying on the Lord
See my Brother and his family soon
She would keep healing
Infection would go away
Be able to afford all her medications
Her elbow would heal

Now she's just going to her weekly check ups (pray she doesn't get hurt when leaving the house!) and continuing with Physical Therapy! So instead of surgery she's going to participate with aggressive physical therapy every day- -  please pray that it works! And she starts walking and using her leg and foot soon!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Veronica Update # 12?

 I can't believe it's been about a month since I've updated on life! A lot has been going on and the Lord is doing great things, of course. What else would I expect from Him?!

She's been doing well. Please keep praying for her!
She's in a ton of pain, STILL!!
She's still undergoing aggressive physical therapy everyday with Pam and Kim. Actually, this week they changed it to only 3 times a week because they actually think it could be doing some damage.
     Scrape bone to rid infection
     Cut the tendon they put her in her foot to stretch it out  so she won't have drop foot and could someday walk! pray pray pray
She's really trying to cling to the Lord and be okay with what he's doing through all of this!
Please feel free to call us at home 515-223-8003 or my cell 515-419-2580!

Please pray that my mom would be able to go to the Women's Coffee house on Friday at Walnut Creek Church. She wants to go so badly to see and thank everyone!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Update on Veronica #11

Just a quick update on my mom - I haven't posted in a while since days are so busy since she's home, but i have a minute now!
She's still in pain .... it'll be there for a while but please continue to pray that it would be tolerable and not get worse.
She's going through aggressive physical therapy every day (with Kim and Pam- - they're are wonderful please pray for our time with them), it's really emotional for her. Just this week was the first time that her left foot touched the floor since July 9th! It was A HUGE DAY! They are trying to stretch the Achilles tendon  so that her foot can some day be flat to the floor. They are going to give time for the "flap" to heal and then go back in and cut the tendon a little bit "release tension" to the achilles tendon. Ouch! huh?! so that means another surgery.
The emotion aspect has kicked in so please pray she keeps trusting the Lord with everything and clings to his promises!
Please keep praying for her recovery, she's still very week and everything is still very delicate!

She thanks everyone, friends and family for all the support and encouragement and prayers! Can't wait to get back on her TWO feet! get it?!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Update on Veronica #10

She'll be home in a few hours!

Monday, September 21, 2009

update on Veronica #9

SHE'S COMING HOME TOMORROW!!!!  yay! They're going to let her recover here at home. She'll be treated here for the virus on her bone pls keep that in your prayers!
YAY I (we) get my mommy back!

Update on Veronica #8

My mom is still in the hospital until they can get rid of the virus on her bone! Please pray they can kick that virus outa there and she can come home this week! Also some staples came out yesterday and they have to re do them. Thanks for everything!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Update on Veronica #7

So, I talked to my mother a little bit ago and she has great news!!

1. For sure coming home in the next three days
2. She's recovering very fast now
3. No Infection
4. And...... the doctors have called how she's recovered this week a miracle. Such a miracle that she might not need any more surgeries (they had already planned for 2-3 more)! CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY

Prayer request:
they found a virus in her bone for it being exposed for so long, (if you want pics let me know, i have a ton!) Pray that it goes away with the medicine that they've started to give her today!

Update on Veronica #6

She's healing well and just trying to rest up! I still haven't been able to visit her since I still have that cough! But i've talked to her on the phone. She has a few surgeries to go so we're just coating them in prayer that they go well!

ALSO, if you go down a little to update #4 I put a list of specific prayer request and I highlighted all that have already been answered!
by the way.... all were highlighted!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Update on Veronica #5

This is my mommy with Quinton last fall!
and Good news the Doctors unwrapped everything today and said that it looks perrrfeeeccctt!!!
She misses being home and can't wait to see everyone again!
No visitors yet please she's still in a ton of pain!

Feel free to call her to encourage her! Call 515-241-6212 and follow the prompts!

Update on Veronica #4

Praise God mom my is in a regular room now! She's still recovering though very very weak....

Please Pray that:

God's will would be done
We would be okay with whatever God has planned
She would recovery quickly
No infections
She would some day be able to use her foot
Everything that the doctors did would heal
Would be able to come home in between surgeries
She could have visitors soon!
My mom would keeps her eyes on the Lord
The Lord would give her strength, patience, endurance...

Thank you for your continued prayers and support!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Update on Veronica #3!

Today I got to visit my mom for about 2 seconds, literally- I peeked my head in and smiled and got to touch her elbow!!!!!!! :)
I spoke to her nurse and doctor in the family waiting room. They say her foot is healing well and looks good. As of what they can tell so far they won't have to do it again.
Right now she's really emotional, she's been through a lot. She's sick of surgeries, being poked and prodded, sick of tests, false alarms, alarms and stress.
Please pray that she continues to recover and that she gives all this pain, anxiety, and stress to the Lord to handle for her and that she wouldn't get any infections.
I know what room number she's in now but I'll post it sometime soon. Right now lets just let her rest. :) Thanks

Friday, September 11, 2009

Update on Veronica #2!

My mom had a rough night last night and will continue in the CCU/ICU for a few more days, to monitor her better and incase anything happens they're prepared quickly.
This surgery has really taken a toll on her body physically and also emotionally. After realizing she wasn't having a heart attach and that it was an anxiety attach, they gave her Valuum and sleeping medicine. I just can't imagine being immobile and pumped with tons of meds and someone else's blood while still in pain.
The doctors checked her left thigh where they took muscle tissue and her right thigh where they took skin and say that all of that is heeling well and look'n gooood.
As for for heel/foot, they'll tell us later today how it's doing.
Just got news that she's not recovering well from her surgery! Please pray that he body handles everything well!

The CCU.ICU staff didn't let me see my mom today since i have a cold. UGH! Why did i have to get sick NOW! I understand why they didn't plus the last thing my mom needs is to get sick. It's just a little frustrating not to be able to be there for my mom on a really hard day. But I Know she's in the Lords hands and I wouldn't want her anywhere else.

Right now I laid Noah down for a nap and before nap time we usually cuddle and talk about things he's thinking about and praying about. Today he turns and looks at me and starting crying, as these huge tears filled his eyes and his little hands ran through my hair he continued with... "I'm sad Ita (grandma) got hurt." The love and compassion i heard in his voice was something I will never forget. I love that he knew that he could talk to me about it, that it's okay to cry and feel for someone else. So as we laid there praying for Ita, he fell asleep. I love my little guy and thank the Lord every chance i have for blessing me with him.

My mom and dad with their grandchildren!

"I didn't think you were the working out type"

It's official.... I am a gym member as of 2.5 weeks ago!
I'll be blogging about gym adventures! :)
It's located on the corner of Mills Civic Pkwy and 50th st. My aunt has worked out all her life and her and my dad signed me up here and I love it. I feel healthier and i have more energy! I have gone everyday except for the last few days since i have been so so busy!

Bear is back!!/Joey Gambino is Back!

(yes, he has 2 names) So, Bear/Joey Gambino came home last night after vacationing with the girls on 30th street for a week! He's been quite the head liner though I tell ya. They we're nice enough to take him in while my mom was back from the hospital for a few weeks and the first night HE RAN AWAY!!! Needless to say we found him (a high school friend of mine found him! over a week later!)! Anyway they took him in again and now we have him back!

As you can see.... Noah is excited !
They like to make funny faces together!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A quick pic of my mom and dad and little Noah a few weeks ago! She was so happy to "relax" with her WONDERFUL husband and cutest grandson!

My Boys!

These are my 2 favorite Boys. I LOVE THEM!

My dad is such a blessing. I can't even begin to explain how much he means to me! They both keep me on my toes, I LOVE BEING NOAH'S MOMMY! I can't wait to lay my life down for him for the rest of my life and love him unconditionally!

This is My BEAUTIFUL NIECE and me the day she was born! She's 6mos old now and keeps getting more and more pretty! My brother and his wife already have another one coming! This time a little boy!

A tough road!

My mom has gone through a whole bunch and I can't wait to document her recovery!!!
1Peter 4:19, Trust your lives to the one who created you for he will never fail you!

Thank you for all of your prayers and support and HELP! My family and I really appreciate having you though all of this! God has been so faithful and amazing!

Update on Veronica!

My mom is back in the Hospital! She had surgery yesterday at 7 am to save/reconstruct her foot! So far so good! What they did yesterday is "stickin" and the doctor's hopes are up that the surgery worked! My mom has a brand new foot! She's in a ton of pain and has exhausted her pain button! She continues to smile through it all and praise God for all he has done!
She's currently in the CCU/ICU and cannot have visitors expect of course my dad and me. Which is super hard on Noah since he wants to see his ITA!!! Please pray she can get well enough soon to get to the 5th floor again and get some visitors and see the staff of nurses that took great care of her for 2 months!

These are pics of my mom's leg after a 2 months of surgeries, For now I won't be posting any of her foot/Heel!

What is under the white thing is what they operated on all day yesterday. There was pretty much nothing under there. So they took muscle from her thighs and skin from her thighs to make a heal and bottom of a foot.

Ready... Set.... Go!

So I'm starting this blog and I don't know how, but I'm going to. I just feel like it's a good way to communicate with everyone at the same time. Noah and I get to share our crazy lives with all of you! Massive texts with updates just take too long! :) Please enjoy!
I'll be sharing updates on my mom and how big my beautiful little big boy is getting, and what the Lord has been teaching us!
“Even to your old age and gray hairs I am he, I am he who will sustain you. I have made you and I will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you.”- Isaiah 46:4