Sunday, July 18, 2010

My little BIG family!

Noah and I are truly blessed to have the such a wonderful family! Today was such a family filled day, and it reminded me of how much I love them all!  My little family consists of just Noah and I and it's wonderful but we also have so many others linked to us.

We live with my mom, dad and my aunt Aura !Even though we live together it's still great to go out of our ways to spend quality time together. Like this morning ... Noah and I were gonna go on a car ride alone together to our special spot. On the way there we decided to pick up Ita and Papa too! I was so glad that they joined us! Even though alone in the car with them for hours scares me... you know-  talking, being vulnerable, sharing my life...etc. Anyway it was wonderful and we had such a good fun time! We laughed A LOT and talked a lot too! There is never silence in the car especially with NOAH! He's HISTERICAL! (hysterical?)

Anyway... where we go it is very pretty and the scenery is spectacular- i kept telling noah to look out the window and see the view instead of playin in the back seat. Right when he looked out the window he saw and I quote " A BROKEN FENCE, I LOOK OUT THE WINDOW AND SEE A BROKEN FENCE, THAT'S WHAT YOU WANT ME TO SEE?!" lol bad timing I guess! haha I laughed so hard... i guess you had to be there.
So I told a joke that my friend Aubrey told me last night and noah wore it out the entire trip: where do sick wasps go? where? to the WASPITOL! - - it was funny to hear him tell it the first 15 times. He acctually CRACKED UP when I told him. ooo so stinkn cute! Then I told him another one and he said " not funny."

Then I get a text from Noah's other set of grand parents: BOB AND PAM THOMPSON (noah's dad's dad and his wife) : an invite for lunch! We went to see them, it's been i think since May5th that we saw them! We had the best food ever! PAPA bob is an amazing chef. We had the best chicken and potatoes that I think I have EVER had. Not only was the food fabulous but so was the company! Bob, Pam. Aunty Abby, Uncle Nick, baby cousin Adelyn and wonderful uncle Caleb! We had a blast through conversation and playing all together!

In the midst of all this fun family time I get texted by noah Grandma Diane and Papa Rob ( noah's dad's mommy and her husband) and then i got to talk on the phone with my brother OTTO and his wife, also get to hear my little nieces laugh!

Aren't Noah and I so blessed! That's not even all the family I could mention but that's A LOT of family in one day! We have a huge scattered, extended disfunctional but functional close family that we Love so dearly! God is so good to us even when we blow it.


Saturday, July 17, 2010


Noah is 5 now ( I think we've established that already) and he is excited to have Chores to do around the house. Of course he is already really great at helping with anything and everything but it's time that some responsibilities around the house get his name on them. I think it's so essential for children to get trained to be responsible for things, important things!
Noah feels really special that he has things that he needs to get done around the house and he is excited to do it and check things off his list! 
He does a lot on his own already like clean up after himself and help cook, put groceries away etc... I prayed about how much to give him to do, like 5 things for being 5 or 1 chore for each day of the week but Jesus and I came up with this:

Make sure there is always Paper Towels on the roll

(almost everytime he goes to the kitchen or bathroom i hear him say "not yet!" or "ooo it's times to get more paper in here!")

Make sure there is always Toliet Paper in the Bathroom 

Pick up Sticks in the yard for when Papa Mows (noah enjoys anything outside and for him to do this and occassionaly play swords with the sticks,  it's fun for him and he's so great about it cuz he's helping his PAPA not get hurt when he mows. He loves his papa. One day he'll be mowing the yard for papa too). I remember when I was little my job was to pick up sticks too!

Clean the Back Seats of the car (we are on the go a lot and are in the car often to he just needs to help me keep our car clean and picked up so we can pick ppl up for church! Plus he says it's really God's car and we need to take care of it)

Make his bed every morning (he's done this anyway :) He's acctualy REALLY good at it, kinda OCD about it so it takes a few more minutes to get it juuuust riight!)

Help do his laundry and put away (HE LOVES THIS, it's like shooting hoops with his clothes into the washer! And he loves putting the detergent in and listening for the time to put the softener in. I hand him the wet clothes to toss into the dryer and he gets to turn the knobs and hit start! When it comes time to fold he does a great job! He even asks if I need help with my laundry - - what a heart!

Get the Mail (ok, so this one makes him feel like such a big boy. I watch him from the window in the living room because he wants to do this one all by himself! We live in a coldasack thingy so no cars drive infront of our mailbox- it's safe! Don't worry! He opend the box and stands on his tip toes to reach his arm in and grab the mail. Sometimes he leaves a little trail of mail behind him but the quickly retraces steps and retrieves it!  It's the cutest thing to watch it. Then he has to read the names on the mail and put it int he appropriate slot!

I'm praying that this will develope into a strong worth ethic and a heart to serve others and be a responsible man after God's heart.  That he would work hard and do whatever he does well and with a good attitude! In everything glorifying the Lord!

Here are some pics of Noah serving:

Helping Papa Tape/Paint the Doors

Scraping the old paint
Gramma Ita making a silly face after Noah gave her, her mail!
He also made really good chocolate cupcakes and a great mess to clean up too! It was definately worth it, soooo good! Here he brought Ita a cupcake and milk! He did the mixing, pouring and frosting!

Noah's stick pile
Thirsty after a hard afternoon's work in the sun!


So Noah and I have been sick for about a week. Like, rly nasty stuff, it got so bad one day that I had to have my little super hero Grandma Diane come help me with Noah for a day- I couldn't even open my eyes without vomiting! 
Anyways I'll spare you the graphic details... but even through what felt like death this week Noah had such a great attitude and was always willing to help me with anything. For a while there the tables turned and he was taking care of me. It was so sweet he would offer me everthing and my water glass was never empty. He is such a servant! And a cuddler! I love him so much- when he got hit with the flu he was so greatful for the love i showed him. It was like DUH I'm going to take care of you. And of course he knew that I would, but regardless he let me know how much he loved and appreciated that i look care of him even though i wasn't feeling well myself. He always said thank you and hugged me and told me how much he loved me. It really meant a lot to me too! It truly is such an honor to serve him and love him, what a great boy I have!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

More Friends!

Yesterday Noah and I met up with our new Friends Laura, Ben and Darrin at Valley west mall for pizza and play time! Noah loves his new friend Ben and he intived him to VBS last night and he went! What a fisher of men!  
Here are some sweet videos of them playing! 

Noah Jumping off the Castle, he did it like 25 times!!

Noah getting chased by a girl! haha Just kidding they were playing hot lava!

Noah, Ben and 'girl' running from a 'monster' on hot lava. Pay close attention you can here Noah yelling HOT HOT HOT!

He got soooo sweaty!! It was nasty but made for a nice nap after that!


I have a couple of stories that I need to share with you blog friends...

I arrived to pick up my Noah at WCCC last night and as I walk in my son is chillin with all his little friends watching the play taking place. He was sitting and paying attention like a good little boy, VBS is right up his alley. After it was over he saw me and came over for a big hug and kiss and to tell me everything that happened and what he had in his bag! Quick story: Noah busted his nose yesterday and felt like I needed to tell the VBS peeps what happened so they didn't think I was hiding something, lol. So After I told them what happened, they pulled me aside to let me know a few things that Noah had said that night and the night before.
I know what your thinking, WHAT DID HE SAY!!??? Me too. I put my humble hat on. I mean, my humble OUTFIT ON. And listened.
"Well yvonne your son is very interested in everything and pays attention well, and he's a great participator! Last night he was talking and pointed to olivia. He said and i quote 'Olivia is my sister, we have different moms, AWKWARD!' and as he said awkward he kinda looked up and rolled his eyes"
She didn't really tell me this story in private because at this time other ppl came over to see my reaction to these stories.
I laughed. 
Next Story: Last night at VBS they were asking kids what God made. My son said the heavens, people, trees... etc. The next question that they asked was WHO/WHAT DOES GOD LOVE? My son stood up nice and straight with his chest nice and hight and said, " ASIANS, GOD LOVES ASIANS."
I said, that's right, he does.
I laughed harder.
I love Noah so much. I was glad that nobody laughed when he anwered that God loved asians. He really meant it and was so innocent about it all! And God loves everyone! 

Pics of Noah and his 'sister' Olivia (AWKWARD;)!) on the way home from VBS!

There are two nights left of VBS, we'll see what else happeneds this week! lol These kinds of stories get me pumped for when he starts kindergarten in 6 weeks!


Tuesday night a few of us went to rachels to bake Muje a cake for her birthday! Her birthday was yesterday, july 7th but we gave it to her tuesday night anyway! Rachel is such a hostess with the mostest and such a SERVANT! I learn a lot from her! She went and got all the stuff to make the cake, took a lot of time in making it and wanted it to took at good as possible! She really put a lot of love into it!

The Process:
-Make the Cake..
-Cut it in half

-Let the cake cool and let your friends eat come 

-After they are cut, ice the middle...

-Layer it with a diff kind of yummy cake and icing...

-Ice the top and the sides


Rachel ended up making another cake that turned out better than the first one and we gave that one to Muje. This is a pic of her hand pickn some of the cake off while she was cutting it!
She looks like she's morfing into a tiger...a cute one...


Happy Birthday Muje! We love you!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


This past weekend my neighbors went to "the lake" (i don't know which one) so I got to dog sit for 3 days for 3 HUGE dogs and 1 teeny doggy! It was hard work and takes a lot of time! 
Noah loved helping feed them and I gave them their meds! 2 of the big ones are 12 yrs old and the Rotweiller is about 10 then Bear (my old dog) is just a few yrs old! The Fischers got home monday night- I'm glad their back... I don't think I could have done it another day! haha 

Maddy Ralphie and Stormy, Bear was going potty outside!

Noah with Storm


Monday we got together with our friends Laura Bottleson and her son Landon for lunch! Noah and him are great buddys and the best part is that they litteraly only live about 4 houses down the hill from us! I have known Laura (and her sister Megan) since I was in junior high and it's great that we are still close and our kids are too!! 
Noah and Landon bond over the their geeky side! (STAR WARS!) and they're about the same age. Actually Landon will be turning 6 this coming monday! His party is sunday and I can't wait for it!
We tried Fudruckers for the first time... I probably won't go back- - SO EXPENSIVE for a hamburger! It was really good though! 

This is Landon and Noah, they were playing with their Star Wars legos!
MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU! haha- I'm so lame
I am so thankful for the Bottlesons! Noah gets Landons clothes that he's grown out of - It is such a blessing! And now that Noah is going to only wear uniforms for school, we are pretty much set for a while! Thank you for the clothes!

4th of July Celebration!

The Rain didn't stop the 4th of July Celebration this last sunday at Jordan Camp(WCCC)! It was such a blast! Nobody let the rain stop them from having a blast!
-Mud Sliding
-Homerun durby
-tug of war
and SOOOO much more!
 Even a talent Show!
All of the congregation go together and noah and I got to see old friends like Kristi and Colleen! We ate tons of food and someones homemade blueberry pie (still warm)!

Noah and I got our faces painted! He was a tiger (you can't see his stripes very well in this pic) and I was a dog?- yeah i think I was a dog!

And watched the AMAZING talent show!

Uncle Caleb obviously played in the mud...

As we were leaving the camp for the night we saw a beautiful rainbow! I just had to take a pic!

Even though the fireworks got cancelled we still had fun at my house with a couple our closest friends!


Wazzup Noah?

Submarines are just something noah's into these days. He loves playing in the water with them and the submarine men- it's acctually a lot of fun and we really get into it! Sometimes we play in the sink and sometimes in the tub. On really hot days we set up the pool outside and play there!

He got this submarine from his uncles for his Bday! Thanks Uncle Caleb and uncle Jake! (he also has a whale that goes with it, it's sooooo cool!)

Despite the forced smile on his face, he really does love it
Glowsticks are super fun too! You should try them sometime!
Noah also LOVES to ride his bike. He rides it everyday - rain or shine! Here's a picture on his new bike, i don't have one of him riding it, weird! I'll get one!

Thank you papa Bob for the amazing bike! It's getting a lot of use! I think that he will be without the training wheels by the end of the summer, atleast that's Noah's goal! I will have to buy elbow and knee pads when I take the training wheels off- safety first!! :)

He also LOVES baseball... This is what happends when I throw the ball to him though.... :( i accidently busted his lip!...

My BFF Sydney Lynn help with hugs while I ran inside and got him ice and...

popcicles! He felt better quick with love, ice, and popcicles!

We love summer time! Call me weird but I even love the smell of sunscreen!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What's Happenin yo?

June= Change- not just the weather!!

Fall to Spring Bible studies have ended- I have switched bible studies and it was bitter sweet! I loved my old bible study i was in for about 2 years but I am always up for a change, challenge, and opportunities to grow and step out of my comfort zone!  My old Bible study went to Sunday morning services and I have stayed laboring Saturday night with a select other few from my bstudy!

I was working at East Hight School since January, it's summer time now, so I am not working. I am looking for a full time job with benefits so that come August I have insurance and I am able to pay for tuition at ICA. It's been a hard few months trying to find a job- it's taken trusting the Lord to a whole new level!

Epicenter ( our summer program on wednesday nights at 6:30) has started and it's been so wonderful hearing all these speakers and being taught! I love getting together before at dinner with everyone, it's such a blessing to use that time to catch up with ppl and pray! Epicenter is so special to me because 5 epicenters ago I became a christian and decided to desire to know the Lord and make him known. 

For our epicenter group we decided to continue our bible study and we are watching a video series of scientific proof that GOD EXISTS!! AMEN!

1 Peter 3:14-16 (New International Version)

14But even if you should suffer for what is right, you are blessed. "Do not fear what they fear[a]; do not be frightened."[b] 15But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect, 16keeping a clear conscience, so that those who speak maliciously against your good behavior in Christ may be ashamed of their slander

Mission to the WHAT?

TO THE CITY!- - The Downtown Church dedicated  a WHOLE WEEK (24rs a day) to saturating the city with the Gospel, God's love and prayer! People took off  of work and set aside their own lives for other ppl! Noah and I were able to do the whole week together! Prayer and worship at 8am at WCCC, and then sharing the gospel and service projects all day long! I was so encouraged that ppl were at the church 24hrs a day praying for M2TC!(mission to the city)

Courtney and I at Greys Lake Blastin ppl with the Gospel (love)

Courtney, me, and Mandy sharing to Gospel at Greys

Rachel, Olivia, Noah and me at the New Building! 323 E Locust! Court and Mandy Painting the walls at the new building! What wonderful examples of serving! They were tired, it was hot and humid- but they had such a great attitude!
Tues night we hooked up with another group at Java Joes and this is Annie and Jeremy playing Buck Hunter with Noah. He was such a trooper the whole week, it was nice for spurts of games for him to play!

We went and cooked/served dinner at the Ronald McDonald House. While we were there I saw and old friend! It was great!


Mandy, Noah and me sharing the Gospel Downtown! Noah was such a light and taught us how to be Bold! Faith like a child...soooooooo great

Went to a cubs game and shared the Gospel, handed out flyers for the DTC and the Phil Wickham Concert!

The week ended with a BANG! Jeremy, Steele Croswhite and Phil Wickham came and performed, it was amazing! Thank you DTC for putting it on for the City! 

This is a video of our church building when we first got in it. All week ppl worked on it to get it ready for saturday service! Come check it out this Saturday and see what it looks like now! 

Much much LOVE, Yvonne and Noah


To homeschool or not to homeschool, that was the question! 

My heart = to homeshool! Since I gave my life to the Lord and realized the importance of children... my desire was to homeschool Noah when he got to "that age". My plan was to work full time and homeschool at night. It worked really well for pre school(he was 3.5 at the time). I got everything I needed and one of my best friends, Keely Brill, helped me get everything ready and gave me great ideas. We did it everday for about 1 hr when I got home from work and it was wonderful! He did such a great job! And we continued to do school since this august since I got to stay home and care for my mom after her accident. 

Well, he's 5 now and ready for kindergarten! Kindergarten requires more time and energy. After praying about wether or not to homeschool and seaking Godly counsel I decided to not homeschool. With working full time and trying to teach my son and do ministry and be a mom... I woulnt have been able to give 100 percent. I cried for a month or more,i know... I had to put to death my plans and it was quit the grieving process!

I continued to pray over my options; Public School (affordable) or A private Christ Centered School (eek!$$). Proverbs 18 talks about not being a willing party to your childs death and since anything that is not about the Lord leads to death, he better have a Christ centered education and environment. Since I can't be with him during the day, I want him around people who LOVE the Lord. Though the Public School cost was attractive(and that noah wld go to the same elementary school that i did, and the loaction, and parents approval), I excersized faith that the Lord would provide for ICA. 

After the long process of : A TOUR, APPLICATION, MEET THE TEACHER, TESTING, WAITING, FAMILY INTERVIEW, NOAH'S INTERVIEW, WAITING... Noah is officially an ICA kindergarten student! PRAISE GOD!

Rachel Hodges and Her daugher Olivia went through this process with Noah and I. It is so great that I get to live life with them! God truly had his beautiful hand on all of this and oliva and noah will be in the same class! I can't wait to go school supply shopping with them! 

This whole thing is still kinda hard on me but it's really great having the Lord by my side and Rachel! I will blog on how the Lord provides for Noah's Christ Centered education! My parents are totally supportive now and my mom is even going to pick up Noah and Olivia after school for Rachel and me!

School starts the last week of August! Noah gets to wear a uniform, he's going to look so cute in that and carring his ICAtote bag! hehe
Please keep Noah and I in your prayers through this time!

A PERFECT VISIT From the OTHER Lima Family!

Back in May my brother and his family came to DES MOINES!!! That meant, I GOT TO SEE MY FAMILY! You might not know this but my brother and I are really close and since life has taken us different directions we have just grown apart. It's really great to see him, and his beautiful family is definately a plus! He is a realy great big brother and even though we don't see eachother often I know that he really loves me and my son! There is never a kiss or hug lacking in our visits! 
They stayed for a whole week, it was fabulous! 

Isabel has grown so much since I saw her last and little ellie was just a few weeks old when I met her for the first time! Isabel is totally on the go and laughs so much! She is such a happy little girl and full of energy! She is so curious about everything and is always ready to discover. Noah and her don't get along very well... In Isabel's curiousness she accidently distroys noah's things etc., so he learns how to give grace and forgive, it's hard for a 5yr old! But it's good for him! 

I got to take Isabel around with me and Noah some! This is a pic of my lil Isabel and I waiting at Iowa Christian Academy for noah to get done testing! I have to admit that luggin around a 5yr old, 1yr old, and 3week old is hard work! BUT I LOVED IT! 

Now this pic represents noah's heart for that whole week! Noah really loves his baby cousin ELLIE!!! He would wake up early to feed her, wake up and go to her in the middle of the night and make sure she was ok when she was crying. He never left her side, he was like her lil body gaurd. It was really cool to see noah's gentle side! I knew it was in there somewhere! :) If I ever have another baby I know that Noah will be such a good big brother... until he/she starts moving! lol

Here's a lil video of Noah and Ellie...

I took more PICS OF THE VISIT, enjoy!
There aren't alot of pics of my brother and I, but he and his wife took me to dinner and movie one night. I felt so special! We really did have a great time! It was also really great for Noah and I to learn how to meet their needs, serve them, and love them TOGETHER! I love my family and I am so thankful for them!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Almost Caught up... Noah's Sleepover

Noah and Kai have been the best of friends since they were teeny weeny. We don't see him as often as we used to so we had him over for a sleep over! It was soooooo much fun! Noah and Kai love each other so much and always have a blast together!

My little muscle men getting ready for the night!

They got excited for movie and popcorn!

Boys wrestle, i don't get it- but they do

Gotta have my kai lovin

Silly faces!

Milk before bed!

YAY FOR SLEEPING BAGS! I made them sleep on the floor of my room! ( I was comfy on my bed)

We did snuggle a lot though and changed where they laid their heads!

What a life, huh? They are so great and such a joy to be around!

GOOD MORNING! Brueggers Bagels and juice...mmmmm....

Our last bites!

Just a little sword fighting before Teresa picked up Kai, no big deal!

It was such a great night! We had so much fun playing, I don't think we ended up watching a movie! We read tons of books and acted them out! We laughed, cuddled and told stories! They giggled till about  1130 at night! The Lord knows I am not having anymore kids (maybe anytime soon) and has blessed Noah and I with really great friends, Noah calls brothers!