Thursday, December 9, 2010


So I am so blessed to have been able to take off of work so that I could go with Noah and his class for their first KINDERGARTEN FIELD TRIP TO.....

It was wonderful! This was waaaaay back in September and the day was wonderful and it was sooo great to be a part of it.  Below is a picture of most of the class walking in, everyone was sooo stinkn excited!

I was in charge of Noah and his buddy David for the Trip.  I was an official Chaparone! (I hope that's how you spell it!) Despite what this picture represents on Noah's face, he WAS excited to have me there with him!

Below we got ready for lunch at this beautiful picnic area...

Mrs. Carlson and a student prayed over our meal....(I LOVE Iowa Christian Academy!)

And yum! We ATE!....

Noah with his little buddies running to the restroom before the rest of the activites...

This is Noah and Noah. Noah Lima and Noah Quinn are the BEST OF FRIENDS!!  

We got to go on a hayrack ride that dropped us off to pick up apples.... GO NOAH GO, GO OLIVIA GO get'em!!!!!!

Noah, David and Mrs. Hummle with the apple picker!

I got to pick apples too, so here we are with our apples! We got to pick 3 each :) yuuuuuum

Getting back on the hayride with all of our apples!!

When we got back to the main area to eat our apples, DAVID bit into one and LOST HIS FIRST TOOTH!!!!!! YAY!!! The kids all thought it was the coolest thing and so did he! He had such a good attitude and was such a trooper!


Noah learning how to "Milk" a cow... it was a fake cow and water comes out of the teet! lol :) OOh too funny!

Noah coming out of the tunnel...

This is my FAVORITE PIC of ALL TIME!! We also got to go on this super cool Pillow top trampoline! It was AWESOME! The moms got in on it too!

Mrs. Carlson took everyones apples to the bus so we could be "hands free" to enjoy the rest of out time; LEARNING, PETTING ZOO, and even PUTTING ON A SHOW!!  Thanks Mrs. Carlson for being such a servant!

These are some of the boys at the CORN POOL (FUN AND DUSTY/DIRTY)! Check out my LITTLE boy :) He is standing next to the tallest boy in class, Bryce! Noah and Bryce LOVE each other too!  Everytime I go to eat lunch with Noah at school, I always have the privilege to eat this Noah Quinn and Bryce too!! 

Well, now we are back on the bus eating our apples....
.... and resting after a BEAUTIFUL day at the Apple Orchard! 

For more pictures check out the album on my facebook page! 
SPECIAL THANKS TO THE HUKEES!!!! Thank you for being so kind and generous by letting me borrow your beautiful camera to capture these really special memories!