Saturday, February 27, 2010

Silly Noah

Oh noah noah noah, he photo booth'ed himself while telling me a story with his borrowed cat doll, that he sleeps with from Olivia. He loves his sister Olivia and the cute little stuffed animals she always gives him to take home every time we go and visit! 

As you can see he totally gets into the story!

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Noah and I love playing in the snow and sitting by the cosy wood burning fire afterwards as much as playing pirates and cowboys and knights! We sit and watch the snow fall by the window and it's so relaxing! Driving in the snow is not though!

We hit up starbucks one night after going sledding with our bible studies!  We got hot cocoa and snuggled in bed together reading! It was such a blast!
Noah going down the hill with our dear friend Mandy Davenport! 
He wore Mary's coat and scarf!

My little cowboy!

This picture just cracks me up! Uncle Otto got him this super cool cowboy outfit with a working cantine!  
He's the cowboy and I am the damsel in distress! It's so fun playing with him. I recently let him play with (play)guns in the house, he just can't shoot at ppl! I have also gotten myself a cowboy outfit so we have a blast running all around the house, instead of having to be the horse all the time. With hard wood floors it just hurts my knees too much!! Thanks uncle Otto for the hours of entertainment! 

Time with Isabel Lima!

It's been about a month or so since Isabel came with her parents and I miss her everyday! Noah was very jealous of Isabel while she was here. He had to share the attention! He had to share grandparents, his mommy and his aunt and uncle. It was really hard for him but a learning experience for us non the less.

Rare photo of Noah lovn on lil isabel
She's so cute here with papa! I kissed those cheeks so much that weekend! I can't wait to go in April to take care of her while her sister is being born! I have been preparing noah, pls pray for that! lol- but really!
Noah rubbing off on her, turning everything into a sword! 

Noah: pirates and drawing!

Noah is such an incredible little boy! He loves to draw and he got this amazing easel for christmas. You can paint, or color, and there is a chalkboard on the other side. There is also paper that you can roll out onto it. It has come in handy especially during this winter when we can't get outside much!
It's also great for home schooling! And he LOVES IT!

Noah also got a few huge pirate ships for christmas, this is a pic of one of them! We keep busy during play time capturing bad guys and sword fighting their captains! HE IS SOOO MUCH FUN and has a great imagination! loooooooove him!

One of my faves

This is one of my favorite pics ever! My niece came to visit (w/ her parents) and it was a blast! I think that this really captures the joy within trials! Just experiencing God's blessings which he so lavishly has poured upon us! 
Ita (veronica), Noah, and Isabel Lima!

The Recovery!

This is a series of pictures of what I thought would document the recovery Process... some pics are hard to see so caarreefffulll!!
This Pic is of my mom about a week after her accident at Methodist Hospital
This is a picture of my moms Left Leg after they cleaned it and saved what they could, and the skin grafting from her thighs to use on her left calf and foot.
Her left elbow was shattered and now has a metal plate there

This is of her shattered heal before surgery, it was like this for a little over a month. It took a while for the surgeons to decide what to do with it!
After the grafting and new muscle! Her new leg! What a miracle! home!
Healing.... at home for a couple of weeks!
Cuddling with her grandson! We were both so thankful that she was able to come home for a couple of weeks and spend time with her! It was such a blessing for her too to get out of that hospital! Even though we saw her daily it's just great to have her HOME! She recovered to quickly while she was home, the doctors were to amazed! Praise God! 
She had to go back to the Hospital for more surgeries! She had 12 surgeries total!
Before and after!(her heel)

Incredible healing!
Showing off how she can rest her foot on the ground!
My mom out in her 'fancy' wheelchair! 
Her blue brace protecting her leg and 'walkin' on with her walker
Her new reading chair from my incredible father! Merry Christmas mama! She says that in this picture her legs are becoming friends again! 
She has been doing physical therapy since octoberish, just recently she has been doing aqua therapy! Noah and I love going and cheering her on! He has made this time really encouraging!
My beautiful mom out!

Thank you all for your continued support, prayers and encouragement through this tough time. God has been so good to us and has used this in tremendous ways and would never trade this for anything. God has really searched our hearts and has continued his faithfulness in using this to transform us into the likeness of his son.

My mom has been such an encouragement to me and a great example in trusting in the Lord through everything! EVERYTHING! 
Thanks mom! I love you!

Prayer requests!
My mom would continue healing, her tendon would stretch to allow her to plant her foot on the ground to get her walking, that she would not develop hip problems cuz of her 'limp', to be able to go to Texas to see my brother and his family and the birth of their new daughter april 17th ish! Please pray for ways of serving one another and unity! And that the basis of our relationships would be Christ.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's been a while!

I just realized that I haven't blogged since November 17th ish! Crazy,  I am going to try to keep up this year! We are already in February 2010!
There is a ton to update on so I'll try to make it simple!
How Veronica is doing,  Christmas, Faithwalkers, New Years, How Noah is doing, Homeschooling diary lol, my Aunt is back, The Downtown Church, My brother and his beautiful Family!