Tuesday, September 7, 2010

South Daaaaaaaakota

This Labor day weekend Noah and I got to go on VACATION TO SOUTH DAKOTA!!! P.S. I really really love South Dakota.  We left Friday late afternoon and return Monday am (like 2:15am)!

We went with these wonderful ladies: (Katie J, Amy Plooster, Heather, Kayla, Keely, Mandy, Elle, Muje, and Annelise 
Group Photo taken on our last day at THE FALLS PARK! It as B E A UUUTIFUL there!

We went to the LIFE LIGHT FESTIVAL! There was a TON of stuff to do like listen to the greatest bands EVER and EAT and Play games etc!  It was on farm land so it was HUUUUUGE!

We woke up at the Hilton Garden Inn and left to check out LIFELIGHT with the gang. At the fron of the Festival there were a lot of vendors; they sold Tshirts, cds, hats... etc! Everything was about THE LORD! There was a tshirt I almost got (and atleast should have taken a pic of that read: LOVE GOD, LOVE PEOPLE, MAKE DISCIPLES!)

I got Noah the "MISSION BALL" it shares the Gospel on it! So everytime we play soccer we have the opportunity (using the ball) to share the gospel and truth with whomever we play with! WHAT A GREAT TOOL! Noah and I were sooo excited to get it! It was $20.00 and with a purchase a ball gets donated to a child in another country, and the gospel is translated into their language!! I think it's such a powerfull tool, GOD CAN USE EVERYTHING!!!!

After we checked out a ton of booths we did a lot of this: 
(eating, chilln, talkin, and playing)


We listened to this great band called REILLY, you NEED to check them out. They are amazing, truly talented! Noah and I enjoyed them very much! http://www.myspace.com/reillytheband

After a long morning and afternoon in the sun walkin and what not, Muje, Noah and I went back to the Hotel for some of this:
(Noah did such a great job, oooo my tired little man)

After that we returned to the Festival for more fun and then went back to the hotel! Noah fell asleep and the Girls watched "Cant buy me love" on TV and fell asleep! 

DAY TWO(sunday)

coming soon.....

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  1. sooooooo... where is day 2... this cliff-hanger is KILLING ME!!!!!! love you